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Brand Brief

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JIMINUO is part of Suzhou Jimi Nuo Instruments Limited's wholly-owned brand, committed to the development, design, production and sale of thermostats, pre-treatment equipment, adherence to the "integrity management" principle, focusing on product design and manufacturing processes, create high-quality, high-tech, high-performance equipment.


JIMINUO brand products are divided into liquid thermostat test, thermostat auxiliary testing, molecular thermostat handle three categories:

Thermostats test: precision temperature cycle trough, low temperature cycle trough, low-temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, high temperature heated fuel tank, high and low temperature cycling tank temperature metrology ducts;

Thermostat auxiliary test: machine cooling water, circulating water cooler, cooling water, cooling water circulation system;

Molecular thermostat Remedy: Dry thermostat, thermostat metal bath, thermostatic mixing device, microplate thermostatic oscillator, nitrogen blow instrument;


JIMINUO is currently in major cities set up offices and service engineering, actively seeking more cooperation team, dedication to customer service, and constantly toward a higher level of sample preparation and training field, providing customers with more quality products and service system, the more agriculture, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy, hospitals, universities, research institutes and other industries to provide a more complete laboratory solutions;



JIMINUO uphold the "integrity and pragmatic, science, innovation" concept of development, adhere to the science and technology is a prerequisite for reform, the quality is the eternal pursuit, we will be in ensuring the quality of products, to inject more better performance and technology.